“I couldn’t believe what I saw.”

While every player wants to have a large check at the end of a given lottery draw, few of them are mentally prepared for a scenario that actually deserves such a prize and is about to make a big difference in their lives. Such a breakthrough moment cannot be compared to anything, and this is something Don Humbnysky can truly confirm now.

Winnipeg’s Lotto lover is one of two people eligible for the Lotto Max winnings on June 14. The draw came with a huge prize of 19 million Canadian dollars ready to change someone’s life. The previous Lotto Max winnings brought a windfall of C$65 million to the family of eight, so it was lucky for the lotto winners throughout the week.

The following draw features another huge winnings that have been claimed once again by two tickets in a row. Each ticket was immediately eligible to receive a CA$9.5 million piece of the total prize money. Information issued by the lottery company indicates that the paper won was purchased in Prairie as well as Ontario.

Winning Streak: Lotto Max Proves Generosity With Canadian $19M Jackpot Split
All the players were encouraged to find various tickets that could have slipped out of sight. Mr. Humbnysky was also among those who carefully sought the wrong ticket, and he found his fortune. The numbers printed on it matched the numbers drawn on June 14 perfectly.

CA$9.5M Slices Waiting For Winner
The numbers were 4, 11, 20, 22, 37, 44, and 49. When he realized the game, he said he couldn’t believe it and was “almost in a back ditch.” He said he bought a lucky ticket at Ford Grocery on Winnipeg Beach on his way to his family’s cabin. All lottery winners are asked traditional questions about planned purchases and activities when packing their products.

Quebec Lotto Max Player Is Canada’s Next Millionaire To Receive C$65M In Canada
Mr. Humnisky said his immediate plans include retirement and spending quality time with loved ones. The same will happen to the wife who is planning to retire. Taking the time to accept winning the lottery, he realized that such luck could easily see them as retirements and that they didn’t have to worry about the financial side.슬롯게임

It’s time to start buying the second winning ticket. Ontario players have less than 52 weeks to contact the Ontario Lottery and Game Company to claim their full winnings.

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