“Through this program, it was a meaningful time

“German Advanced Football Tour Program that brings the disabled and the non-disabled together” hosted by the K League and experienced various programs.

Sponsored by its parent company Hana Financial Group, the program ran from August 17 (Thu) to August 22 (Tue), and a total of 17 members visited Frankfurt, Germany, including ▷a soccer clinic learning from local coaches ▷ a home opening match of VfB Stuttgart, which includes Jung Woo-young, a member of the Frankfurt integrated football team “Team-United” ▷ a national team.

Choi Chang-ki, head coach of Daejeon Hana Citizen’s integrated soccer team, said, “Through this program, it was a meaningful time for people with developmental disabilities and non-disabled people to get to know each other more and experience Germany’s advanced integrated soccer system and culture together.”

In addition, Lee Jae-sung (1.FSV Mainz 05) of the national soccer team who willingly attended the meaningful program and joined the integrated soccer players, said, “I hope the integrated soccer players will experience a lot of advanced soccer in Germany and have good memories.” I hope that there will be many such programs, so that more diverse players will enjoy valuable experiences and enjoy soccer,” he said.

Meanwhile, the K League Integrated Football Project aims to lay the foundation for social integration by participating in sports and cultural activities of the disabled and non-disabled, and to improve the human rights and quality of life of the disabled. Since 2021, Daejeon Hana Citizen has established an integrated soccer team with the Korea Lifelong Culture and Sports Development Center and the Byeolhaji Children’s Center to support sports activities for the disabled.


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