Volleyball Korea part ways with coach Lim Do-heon-Cesar…

After receiving a failing grade at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, South Korean volleyball bowed its head and announced a reform plan.

“We are very sorry for our poor performance in recent international competitions such as the Hangzhou Asian Games,” the Korean Volleyball Association said in an apology letter signed by President Oh Han-nam on Monday, “and we apologize to the public and volleyball fans who supported us.”

The organization also announced that it will part ways with men’s coach Lim Do-heon and women’s coach Cesar Gonzalez and select new coaches.

“Coach Lim’s tenure ended after the Hangzhou Asian Games, and as (women’s volleyball’s) chances of qualifying for the Paris Olympics have become virtually impossible, we have mutually agreed to terminate the contract with Coach César,” the federation explained.

The federation’s men’s and women’s performance commissioners also took responsibility for the poor performance and stepped down.

“We want to paint a new picture to qualify for the 2028 Los Angeles and 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games,” the organization said, “and we will establish and implement a mid- to long-term development plan to help Korean volleyball go through the growing pains and be reborn.”

“We want to humbly accept criticisms and reprimands from all walks of life and have a process of reflection and setting the direction of the association,” he said, adding that he will hold a public hearing next month centered on volleyball experts, journalists and fans.

“We will work hard to select the best leaders to improve the performance of the national team,” he said, adding that he would spare no effort to support the athletes to perform at their best.

At the Hangzhou Asian Games, which concludes today, men’s volleyball was denied a medal for the first time in 61 years when it failed to reach the quarterfinals after struggling against the likes of India and Pakistan before the tournament officially opened.

Men’s and women’s volleyball shared the first-ever “shared gold medal” as women’s volleyball also won its second Asian Games medal in 17 years and the first since Doha 2006. 파워볼게임

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