Despite facing world-class opponents from the very beginning of the tournament, Min Min-kyu (18, Ansan Myeonghye School) did not lose his courage .His mother, Kim Eun-hee, who accompanies him as an assistant, also believes in him .”I have two qualifying matches for the individual event on the 23rd, and both of my opponents are the best in the world,” said the youngest boccia player to compete at the Hangzhou 2022 Para Asian Games, in an interview at the Hangzhou Gymnasium in Zhejiang province, China. “I need to win at least one match to reach the quarterfinals. I will treat both matches like finals.”

Boccia is a game designed for people with motor impairments such as cerebral palsy, and is similar to the winter sport of curling. The more balls you can get closer to a white target on the floor measuring 12.5 meters by 6 meters, the more points you get .Players can throw the ball by hand or use a playing device such as a gutter .Min Seong-kyu is a BC2 and throws the ball by hand without a partner. His qualifying opponents in Hangzhou are Saegampha Wararout (31-Thailand) and Yan Zhiqiang (36-China).

Warraut is a gold medalist at the Rio and Tokyo Paralympic Games. Yan Zhiqiang won two silver and one bronze at the London-Rio Paralympic Games .He will be a tough opponent for “international newcomer” Min Min-gyu, who is competing in his third international competition and first overall. “I was going to meet him anyway, but I met him a little early,” he said. “I may have a little more strength, but I think the younger me is better in terms of accuracy.”

Kim’s mother, Kim Eun-hee, filmed the Warrout-Yan Zhiqiang qualifier herself. “I’ll watch the video for two days and analyze it thoroughly,” Kim said, adding, 토토사이트 “I think it’s better to see it live than to watch it in the past, so I think it’s worth trying.”

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