The winner of the LCK Civil War is Genji and KT, while DK is eliminated with one more loss.

As LoL Champions Korea (LCK) teams battled it out on the international stage, Genziesports and KT Rolster emerged victorious.

The second round of the Swiss Stage of the 2023 LoL World Championship (Rold Cup) took place at the KBS Arena in Gangseo, Seoul on Tuesday. With the 16 teams having mixed results on the 19th, one-win and one-loss brackets were drawn by lottery.

The result of the bracket was the worst for Korea. From the second round of the Swiss stage, teams from their home leagues were allowed to play each other, with T1 facing Zenith, who had won the previous day. DK and KT, who had also lost the previous day, faced each other.

In the matchup between LCK rivals Genji and T1, Genji had the last laugh. Genji struggled against T1 early in the game, but Jung-hoon “Chobi” Jeong turned the game around with back-to-back super plays with Akali, destroying the nexus in the 29th minute.

Genji is the only team in the LCK to go 2-0. T1 falls to 1-1.

The Chinese LoL Pro League (LPL) also had two winners. Jingdong Gaming (JDG) defeated fellow LPL side Biribiri Gaming (BLG) and Linling Gaming (LNG) defeated C9 of the North American LoL Championship Series (LCS) to go 2-0.

European powerhouse G2 Esports also joined the ranks of the two-win club, defeating LPL fourth-seeded Weibo Gaming (WBG) in an epic 38-minute match.

The final match of the day, between KT and DK, saw KT pull off the upset. Both teams started the day with one loss, and a defeat would make them 0-2. After falling behind in the game, KT turned the tide with a big win in the 26th minute and went on to win the game.

Day 2 concluded with Genji with two wins, T1 and KT with one win and one loss, and DK with two losses.

After the day’s action, the third round matchup draw was held, and the two-time defending champions were drawn to face G2. The two teams will face off on April 21. The winner will advance to the quarterfinals with no further Swiss stages.

The matchup between Genji and G2 also automatically sets up a matchup between JDG and LNG. The two winners will meet in a best-of-three series.

At 1-1, T1 and KT had mixed fortunes. T1 avoided the worst of the bracket by facing C9 of the LCS. KT, on the other hand, was drawn against WBG. Unusually, KT didn’t have any luck in this tournament. After BLG in the first round and DK in the second round, KT continues to face only strong teams.

In addition, NRG Esports from North America and Mad 토토사이트 Lions from Europe, and BLG and Fnatic will face off. The 1-1 teams will face off in a single-elimination format.

DK will take on Team BDS from the LEC. In addition, Team Liquid (TL) of the LCS will take on Gamsport of the Vietnam Championship Series (VCS).

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