30 million won at his own expense

President Heo Gu-yeon, who leads the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), has stepped up to distribute T-balls where children and students can enjoy baseball in a friendly way.

President Heo Gu-yeon donated 30 million won worth of T-ball supplies to the Korea T-Ball Federation through the “Dream With Baseball T-Ball Set Donation Ceremony” held at KBO Studios on the 13th. 메이저 토토사이트

The Korea T-Ball Federation will donate the T-Ball set received through the donation ceremony to 10 nurseries, juvenile centers, national psychiatric hospitals, and book wall elementary schools nationwide.

In addition, the Korea T-Ball Federation expects that the students will be able to enjoy baseball through the T-Ball set and gain various experiences through group sports activities.

The donation ceremony was attended by Kang Joon-sang, chairman of the Korea T-Ball Federation, executive director Park Chul-ho, special advisor to KBO President Yang Sang-moon, special advisor to President Jang Jong-hoon and team Korea coach Ryu Ji-hyun.

Since her career as a commentator, Heo Gu-yeon has been donating T-ball supplies. Until now, she has donated about 83 million won worth of T-ball sets at her own expense.

Starting with donating 25 sets of T-Balls to four mental hospitals, including National Bugok Hospital in 2014, 10 million won worth of T-Balls was donated to special schools such as Jeongjin School in 2016, 25 million won to the multicultural rainbow baseball team in Goyang City from 2016 to 2020, and 14.3 million won to the Ministry of Justice in 2022, which was delivered to 10 juvenile centers nationwide.

President Heo Gu-yeon said, “We expect that students in difficult circumstances will be able to enjoy baseball and help their physical and mental health through T-ball activities. We will continue to provide support.”

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