Casino de France has been working in this spirit to support and enable this reopening while respecting the new Government of Action.

Since the first wave of COVID-19, casinos have been the first to implement strict health protocols (masks, wearing plexiglass, frequent disinfection, etc.) since June 2, and this application has been very strictly enforced by the services of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The casino did not deplore the lack of pollutants in the facility.

Ready to step up the pace in protecting customers and collaborators, they aim to limit the number of customers, strengthen the number of disinfection, promote digital tools such as Tucson Ticorna, and strengthen access control such as recommendations for measuring inlet temperatures.

Allowing casinos to reopen is essential, as it is one of the key drivers of the regional economic dynamics in which casinos are located, representing 15,000 direct jobs and 45,000 indirect jobs, and taxing communities €1.4 billion annually, including €400 million.카지노사이트먹튀

Finally, it should be noted that recent administrative shutdowns, unfortunately, have spread illegal game venues or online sites without addiction or control of health rules, and are causing traceability of funds.

Casinos have been working closely with the administration for years and are fully involved in the fight against addiction, protecting minors, and laundering money, which is all the more damaging. Therefore, a quick resumption of operations will be an appropriate measure in terms of health and public order.