Football Association “Simple Betting”

The national soccer team, which suffered internal strife due to the “table tennis gate,” has been embroiled in a “card game” controversy this time.

There are growing voices criticizing the poor management of the Korea Football Association.

Meanwhile, the “Seoul Series,” the first MLB regular league opening series in Korea, is approaching, making fans’ hearts beat.

Let’s take a look at sports news with critic Choi Dong-ho.

In a training session ahead of the Qatar Asian Cup, it was revealed that some players and the Korea Football Association staff played cards with a “casino chip.” The Korea Football Association admitted that it played the game, but said it was not a gamble, but a betting level, but controversy continues, big and small?

The Korea Football Association explains that it was about 1,000 to 5,000 won per chip, which was like making coffee. Some point out that the fact that he played “card games with money” at the training site where he left to win the Asian Cup, regardless of the amount, is a problem?

Klinsmann, who was the coach at the time, reportedly gave guidelines that staff should minimize contact with players unless it is a necessary task. Nevertheless, isn’t it that the administrative system at the time did not work as per the manual that the association staff played cards with some players?

The Korea Football Association plans to dismiss the employee from the position on the 20th of last month and hold a personnel committee later to take disciplinary action. Do you think this can quell the controversy?

Following the so-called ‘table tennis gate’, the controversy has once again raised the issue of negligence in the management of the Korea Football Association and lax discipline of the national team. What kind of effort do you think is needed to win back trust?

In the midst of this, the second preliminary match against Thailand for the North-Central America World Cup Asia will be held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium next Thursday (21st). There was a ticket reservation yesterday (13th). There was a “boycott” movement as Lee Kang-in was selected for the national team, but is the result sold out?

The Red Devils said, “This is the fault of the Korea Football Association,” adding, “There is no reason why the players playing on the field should not receive support.” In this constant controversy surrounding the Korea Football Association, voices calling for Chairman Chung Mong-gyu’s resignation will continue?

The national team will play against Thailand on the 21st and then move to Bangkok, Thailand, the next day for the 4th round of away qualifiers on the 26th. There are concerns that the players will be able to play well in a chaotic atmosphere due to a series of controversies?

Let’s move on to baseball news. The opening game of the Major League Baseball in the U.S. is scheduled to be held in Seoul next week, making baseball fans excited. This is the first time that the opening game of the regular league will be held in Korea, and the second time in Asia, right?

A photo of Kim Ha-sung getting on the plane while doing a V has been released. The San Diego Padres and LA Dodgers players will arrive at Incheon International Airport tomorrow on a chartered plane. The total annual salary of the two teams coming to Seoul is 500 billion won this year?

Attention is also focused on not only Kim Ha-sung but also Shohei Ohtani, who has set a new record for the highest ransom ever, visiting Korea. When can I see Ohtani playing in the domestic stadium?

You will also play against Korean teams, right?

The starting pitchers for both teams have already been revealed ahead of the games on the 20th and 21st. Which players will face off in the first and second games?

In this series, Kim Ha-sung is expected to play against the Dodgers’ Yamamoto and Tuta and Ohtani, drawing more attention?


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