Former national basketball coach turns wheelchair basketball ‘mastermind’

SEOUL, South Korea (Yonhap) By Kim Dong-chan Reporter = Former women’s professional basketball Hana OneQ coach Cho Dong-ki, who was a stalwart under the basket behind Kim Yoo-taek and Han Ki-beom at Kia Motors, the reigning 카지노사이트 champions of unemployment basketball, has turned to wheelchair basketball.As the head coach of the Chuncheon Tigers wheelchair basketball team, Cho led the team to the title for the second consecutive year at the 10th Jeju Special Self-Governing Province National Wheelchair Basketball Championship, which ended on July 31 in Jeju Island.Cho, who played for the national basketball team at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, has been in charge of the Chuncheon Wheelchair Basketball Team since 2019 and won the Holt Cup and the Jeju Governor’s Cup in 2022, as well as the wheelchair basketball regular season title.This year, he also won the Postal Service Headquarters Championship and the Jeju Island Governor’s Championship, making the Chuncheon Tigers one of the strongest wheelchair basketball teams in Korea.When Cho took the helm of the wheelchair basketball program in 2019, he was labeled as an anomaly.It was the first time a coach who had been the head coach of a men’s or women’s professional team in Korea was teaching wheelchair basketball, and the differences between the two sports are significant.Currently, four of the six teams in the first division have a former wheelchair basketball player coaching their team.”I’ve never played wheelchair basketball, so it’s almost safe to say I’m a ‘non-player,'” Cho, who won the Jeju Island Governor’s Coach Award this year, told Yonhap News Agency on Thursday, explaining, “There are sensitive parts of the game that only players who have played wheelchair basketball know, such as when a screen is set or a foul is called.”The patterns are different from those used in able-bodied basketball because you have to move around in a wheelchair.Traveling rules are similar to those in able-bodied basketball, with limits on the number of times a wheelchair wheel can be pushed, as well as rules for counting the disabilities of players on the same team as points.Although all of the players are seated in wheelchairs, there are restrictions on the height of the wheelchair and the cushion on which they sit.”I’ve been coaching for four years, but even if I have a pattern, I can’t neglect communication, such as asking the players first if they think it will work,” Cho said, laughing, “I want to help spread the word about wheelchair basketball.””When I asked our players what their goal was, they said, ‘Win the whole tournament,'” he said. “I think it’s more important to play a fun game even if we lose once or twice to promote wheelchair basketball a little 카지노사이트 more than ‘win the whole tournament,'” he added.”It is also important to build a good team culture and become a prestigious club that players want to go to,” Cho said. “Last year, after winning the regular season, we lost in the championship game, so my goal is to win the championship game this year.”

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