“He rejected Arsenal, he is a true patriot of his country!”…who? what happened?

Arsenal is one of the powerhouses of the English Premier League (EPL). And one of the world’s greatest managers, Arsène Wenger. There have been claims of being a patriot for rejecting Wenger and Arsenal. What happened?

Wenger’s Arsenal was a truly compelling team. Many players around the world dreamed of playing for Arsenal and hoped to be coached by Wenger. It can be an honor to be approached by Wenger himself. But it’s not for everyone. There are some players who would refuse to play for Wenger.

The patriot claim comes from Valery Gaziev, a former head coach of CSKA Moscow in Russia. The man he calls a true patriot of his country is Moscow’s “one club man” goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev.

He is a 37-year-old veteran. He rose through the Moscow youth ranks to the first team in 2003, where he’s been playing until this season. In total, he’s played 21 seasons and 757 games. Akinfeev is well on his way to becoming a “one-club man”. He’s also a Russian national team legend. He played 111 A matches for the Russian national team.

“Wenger was very interested in signing Akinfeev and Andrei Arshavin from Russia and asked me for advice,” Gaziev told Russia’s Sport-Express.

“I once met Wenger at a meeting of European managers. At the time, Wenger wanted to sign Akinfeev and Arshavin. He asked me a lot of personal information about them. Naturally, I explained the top strengths of both players.”

The result: Akinfeev stayed in Russia, and Arshavin found his way to Wenger. Arshavin left Russian side Zenit for Arsenal in 2009 and stayed until 2013. Arshavin did well at Arsenal and became a favorite of the Arsenal fans.

Gazidze said: “Akinfeev made the right choice. Akinfeev is a true servant of Moscow and a true patriot of his country, Russia. He has achieved a lot for the club and the national team. I think Akinfeev’s behavior is an example for the young Russian generation.”


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