Hwang Ui-jo, ‘illegally filmed video’ is more than a cell phone…

Hwang Ui-jo reportedly has more devices with sex videos on them.

According to the Chosun Ilbo on June 26, police recovered multiple cell phones and laptops used by Hwang Ui-jo in the middle of this month. This is to check the videos that Hwang is suspected to have taken illegally. The videos were reportedly different from the ones circulating on social media.

However, the devices were reportedly factory reset by the suspected video distributor, Hwang’s brother-in-law. Police are recovering the videos through digital forensics. “We are investigating as many devices as we can get our hands on,” said a police official.

Additional victims could be found if the video is recovered. On the 25th, police reportedly investigated another victim, Ms. B, in addition to the known victim, Ms. A.

Lee Eun-soo, a lawyer for victim A, said at a press conference on the 23rd, “She called me to say that she was another victim and wanted to talk to me, and we actually scheduled a consultation.” “However, after Hwang Eui-jo’s statement was reported, which revealed the identity of the victim, she suddenly canceled the consultation,” he said.

Hwang recently came under police investigation for illegal filming. On June 20, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said, “We believe that Hwang Ui-jo is suspected of illegal filming, and we are investigating him as a suspect.”

On June 16, a woman, Ahn, was detained after she posted a video and an exposé of Hwang’s personal life on Instagram. She claimed to be Hwang’s ex-lover at the time and allegedly leaked photos and videos of him and several women. Ahn was found to be Hwang’s brother-in-law. 슬롯

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