“I want to be a cool player like Kim Sun-hyung,” says Jung Eun-hoo of The Most with speed and finishing skills

“I want to be a player like Kim Sun-hyung (SK) who is not afraid of failure and shoots boldly and breaks through.”

The Most Biscuitball, led by head coach Mo Yong-hoon, got off to a flying start in their quest for the championship with two wins in the preliminary round of the 2024 National Youth Harmony Basketball League Club Division at Vermal Elementary School in Anyang on Saturday (Nov. 18). After reaching the finals, The Most will continue their quest for a spot in the championship with the final round on 텍사스홀덤사이트 Sunday (Nov. 19).

While there were many standouts, it was Jung Eun-hoo (167 cm, Osanda Oncho 6) who shined the brightest, playing the role of ace with his speed and impeccable finishing skills, which are unmatched among players his age.

Jung said, “I’m happy to be able to win with my friends. Our goal is to win all the matches tomorrow and advance to the championship. I will do my best to play as a team with my friends until the end,” said Jung.

His speed was impressive, but his physicality and athleticism were even more impressive. His coaches, Mo Yong-hoon and Kim Do-kyung, both of whom have long arms in relation to his height, said, “(Jeong) Eun-hoo is fast and has excellent finishing skills. In addition, he has good physical condition with long arms and legs in relation to his height. Based on these strengths, he is preparing to move to elite basketball next year.”

When asked how he started playing basketball at The Most, he said, “I originally learned kendo and basketball together, but now I like basketball better, so I don’t play kendo anymore, only basketball.”

When asked why he chose basketball over kendo, Chung replied, “Basketball is more fun. It’s fast and exciting,” he said.

Although Chung was a fierce competitor on the court, he turned into a quiet and shy boy off the court. Finally, he said, “My disadvantage is that I am passive in my play. The Most coaches tell me, ‘You need to be bold to get better. I want to become a player like Kim Sun-hyung (SK), who is not afraid of failure and shoots and breaks through boldly.”

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