“I’ll make sure to win.”

The men’s national team participating in the Korea-Japan men’s and women’s university basketball competition (formerly Lee Sang-baekbae) trained at Konkuk University’s Glocal Campus for five nights and six days from the 10th to the 15th. They also had practice matches with Konkuk University while matching team tactics. On the first day, they had practice matches at 5 p.m., the time of the match.

Coach Seok Seung-ho said in a telephone conversation ahead of his departure at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, “After the call-up, I trained a lot, preparing for the overall defensive rotation and two offensive options,” adding, “Big men are fast, there are players who play big, and there are players who are small. I focused on defense rather than offense, which strengthens defense.”

Moon Yoo-hyun, a second grader at Korea University who started to stand out right after debuting in college, injured his shoulder and dropped out of the national team at a practice match against Konkuk University on Sunday. As the competition is just around the corner, he will move to Japan with 11 players without any alternative resources.

“I had high expectations for Moon as he showed strong fighting spirit and scoring ability in the lead. Chaos will also come as he was injured before leaving the country. The rest of the players will fill the empty spots well,” coach Seok Seung-ho said. “In the beginning, we formed the lineup with Cho Hwan-hee, Kang Sung-wook and Lee Ju-young. Yoo is capable of playing both No. 1 and No. 2 (point guard, shooting guard), and played as a starting member and six-man at Korea University to prepare accordingly. Choi Kang-min needs to fill the spot. The lead has been reduced from six to five. I hope Kang will play defense and other roles.”

Including Moon Yoo-hyun who dropped out, six out of 12 were sophomores, half of whom were sophomores. As such, the current national team is centered on lower grades.

“Third graders who play with (each team’s) key players such as Yang Joon, Kim Tae-hoon and Lee Kyu-tae (each team’s) are missing (due to injury). We have no choice but to focus on lower graders,” Seok Seung-ho said. “It is important for lower graders to gain good experience. I hope younger players will grow further when they return to Korea after experiencing them.”

These competitions take place alternately in Korea and Japan. This year’s competition will be held in Japan. The court training can only be conducted once every 16 days at the venue of the competition. Only Japanese teams will be trained on the day of the competition, while Korean teams will have to train at different places. It is expected that there will be many difficulties such as adjusting to the court or making judgment decisions.

“Of course, I think so. They are all young players. Please don’t be nervous and run as you trained,” coach Seok Seung-ho said. “I told the players to do what they have prepared so far after the last training session, but I hope they follow along well.”안전 토토사이트

Coach Seok Seung-ho said, “Players who were doing well in my team came and we were called up to the national team. I hope we focus on team play, not on individuals,” adding, “I have trained well so far. I have to work hard to win. I hope we finish without any injuries and come back with good results.”

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