“Is it a problem even if you’re too good?” Controversy over Taegeuk Warriors’ abuse, needs management

Park Ji-sung, a first-generation player in Europe, went on a drive between his England team and the national team despite the pain in his knee, and eventually announced his retirement from the national team at the early age of 30 due to the aftereffects of his injury.

Ki Sung-yueng and Koo Ja-cheol, who were born in 1989, who had experience as national team captains, also retired from the national team together after the 2019 Asian Cup, and they were 30 years old at the time.

As a result, fans and the media are happy and concerned about Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae, who are like treasures of Korean soccer.

In the past, Son Heung-min promised in front of the media that he would “play for the national team as long as possible” as the fatigue caused by the long flight and jet lag accumulated every time the national team was called up.

Cleansman’s key defender Kim Min-jae also dismissed the controversy over his recent abuse, saying, “It’s a full sound to say, ‘It’s hard, I’m going to die.’

I appreciate the words that came out of responsibility and mission for the Taegeuk mark, but their bodies are having a harsh schedule that doesn’t surprise them at any time.

In the case of Kim Min-jae, he was at the center of controversy when he made remarks on his retirement from the national team, complaining of his physical limitations when he convened the national team in March while playing for Italy’s Serie A Napoli.

Kim Min-jae, who was criticized a lot for this, has recovered his mind through coach Klinsmann’s encouraging visit and is committed to the national team again, but after moving to Bayern Munich, he has a harsh schedule that local media also expressed concerns.

Management at the national team level seems urgent if it cannot prevent the choice of clubs that have paid high transfer fees and salaries to utilize them.

In particular, it is also true that Jürgen Klinsmann’s choice to have both Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae play full-time against Singapore and China during the A-match in November is somewhat regrettable.

Of course, it is natural that the coach wants to have a player with world-class skills on the ground for a long time. In addition, player recruitment is an area that no one can invade with the coach’s own authority, but smooth communication between coaches, players, and associations on the playing time seems necessary.

Many footballers’ efforts are needed to enable them to play for a long time in the national team. That way, you can demonstrate your best abilities at the most important times, such as winning the Asian Cup and the World Cup finals.

They are valuable resources to lead Korean soccer more in the future, so they need to be more cared for when they have an opportunity.


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