Oh Seung-taek won his first KPGA Thricksen Tour debut at the Asian Games

Oh Seung-taek won for the first time in his professional debut in the 18th tournament of the 2023 KPGA Thricksen Tour.

On the last day of the tournament held at Gunsan CC in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do on the 19th, Oh Seung-taek recorded a total of 11-under 129 strokes.

On the final day of the tournament, Oh Seung-taek seemed to be shaking with one bogey and one double bogey, but he made six birdies and tied with Kim Baek-jun to lead the game to extra time.

Oh Seung-taek and Kim Baek-joon both scored par in the first and second holes of extra time at the 10th and 11th holes, and Oh Seung-taek blocked it with par while Kim Baek-joon made a double bogey at the 12th hole, the third hole.

After the game, Oh Seung-taek said, “I’m happy to achieve my first win since I made my professional debut,” adding, “I made a double bogey as my tee shot fell into hazard on the fifth hole. He said, “I started shaking as I got greedy, but I did my best to get my mind back.”

Oh Seung-taek, who won the individual silver medal and the team bronze medal at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, debuted on the KPGA Korean Tour in 2021, but showed little performance.

The best performance ever is tied for 26th at the ’64th KPGA Championship with A-ONE CC’ in 2021.

Oh Seung-taek said, “I turned pro right after winning a medal at the Asian Games, but my performance was not as good as I expected,” adding, “The tee shot was a disadvantage, but the tee shot continued to shake. At that time, my self-esteem also dropped a lot,” he said.

Oh Seung-taek, who won his first professional victory, said, “I think this is a really new start,” and added, “I will do my best for the remaining KPGA Srixon Tour tournament and KPGA Korean Tour QT.


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