Planning Commission will hold its first public hearing on land use planning applications for Arena and Casino.

According to reliable sources, there will be a second public hearing later this year.

Gateway Casino & Entertainment, the gambling company behind the Sudbury casino project, and the city of Greater Sudbury have already filed a zoning application with the planning committee. The new public stadium is spread over about 11.96 hectares of land and the casino will occupy about 6.96 hectares of land. 카지노사이트먹튀

Finally, when the zoning is approved, the city and gambling companies will be able to accelerate and push ahead with the project, with both applications reportedly related to land north of Kingsway and northwest of Sudbury Levesk Street, giving citizens the opportunity to comment on the zoning.

casino opponents vying with supporters
Gateway’s plan to build a large-scale gambling entertainment at Kingsway in Sudbury turned into a hot topic. This project has been strongly discussed by both opponents and supporters. Some argue for the broad economic benefits of hosting casinos in Sudbury, while some warn of the costs that society has to pay. Casino opponents have joined forces to counter the move to set up a casino in Sudbury.

Earlier this month, casino opponents launched their next weapon against the casino project. The group, which calls themselves No Casino Sudbury, held a town hall meeting at St Andrew’s Place to discuss their concerns and warn local people about the shortcomings of hosting an entertainment complex in Sudbury.

The group explained that it had never consulted with locals about the issue. Some members argue that casinos are meant to increase problem gambling among Sudburians, while others have explained that entertainment complexes are meant to hurt the local economy. Anti-casino activists have called for more public consultation around the new millions of entertainment complexes, allowing locals to learn more about the hidden threat of hosting a gambling house in Kingsway with a family-oriented stadium.

Gateway explained that the city is likely to host casinos in response to claims by casino opponents, and separately, the casino operator noted that casino employees were highly trained to recognize gambling addiction symptoms and help vulnerable players.

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