‘Red-blooded’ Chinese media, “China is tough? Why didn’t Ronaldo play in Korea?…Don’t look down on us!”

Chinese media refutes claims of rough play.

South Korea and China will meet in the quarterfinals. In the round of 16, South Korea defeated Kyrgyzstan 5-1, while China defeated Qatar 1-0. The quarterfinalists will face off at 8 p.m. local time on March 1 at Huanglong Sports Center Stadium in Hangzhou, China.

After China was announced as a quarterfinal opponent, all eyes turned to the country’s rough-and-tumble style of play. Known for their unsportsmanlike play known as “Shaolin soccer,” 카지노사이트 many expect more of the same.

South Korea already experienced China’s power back in June. Uhm Won-sang, Cho Young-wook, and Ko Young-joon were injured in two trials in preparation for the Asian Games.

The Chinese were tough in the practice matches, so they will be even tougher in the single-elimination quarterfinals. They will also have the support of their enthusiastic home fans, who will cheer them on. It’s a match where circumstances other than skill will be a factor.

Coach Huang Sunhong made it clear that he was not afraid of China. “We can’t win the gold medal without the support of the Chinese fans and the tough play of the players. No one can beat us,” he said, exuding confidence.

The players were equally confident. Captain Baek Seung-ho said, “If China comes out rough, we will take advantage of it. If we focus on our play, we will have a good result,” and Seol Young-woo promised a fight, saying, “We will never back down.”

In response to South Korea’s mood, China has been playing up the “red card” of being tougher.

“South Korea is stronger than us, but I don’t understand why they are talking about petty and rough behavior during the game,” he retorted, according to Chinese media outlet Sohu.com.

Then, out of nowhere, they brought up Cristiano Ronaldo. “Why wouldn’t Ronaldo play for South Korea? South Korea is looking down on China right now,” the media outlet continued.

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