‘The centerline is enough too!’

NBA All-Star Game is always full of things to see..

Three-point shooting was the trend this year!

He scored three points with a so-called crane-legged shot that raised one leg.

Lillard’s hands were hot yesterday, the winner of the 3-point contest.

Even if the defender reaches out, he can’t stop it.

The overwhelming power was this scene.

The shot that didn’t even cross the center line in the third quarter

I got stuck in the rim drawing a huge parabola!

Show the same half-line shot once more just before the end.

How many points did he score? He exceeded 200 points for the first time in the All-Star Game history.

If the two teams have 397 points combined, it means that 8 points came and went in almost a minute…

I think I’ve been constantly attacking, right?

Lillard, the three-point shooter, received the honor of his first MVP in his life.


Next up is the freshman who saved Manchester United.

Hoylun intercepted the opponent’s backpass and faced promotion team Luton Town…

I shook the net 36 seconds into the game!

The extra goal was even better.

He turns his teammate’s volley to his chest and scores like a stunt.

I’ve been silent for 14 league games since transferring to Manchester United this season…

He recently scored six consecutive league goals, leading his team to victory.

What a lucky transfer.


The last one is a long-range goal from Saudi Arabia.

Just before the end, the opposing goalkeeper didn’t miss the opportunity to empty the net…

He hit a wedge goal from the center line.

Benzema’s kick was accurate enough to applaud.

This has been top play.


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