WOLF: Mercedes will wait until the end of FRECA to decide on Antonelli F2 transfer

Discussions continue over the future of an Italian 17-year-old boy. Including suggestions that he might skip F3 and go straight to Formula 2.

He currently leads the FRECA standings with four rounds left, driving for Prema.

While the move is currently being considered, a decision has yet to be made, and Wolf warned of the risk of creating “too much hype” surrounding young drivers.

Speaking in Monza on Saturday, he said: “I think we’ll all be hoping Andrea will have a great career.

“But there’s always a risk that too much hype about a young driver won’t leave him safe enough to do nothing.

“He’s in FRECA, and he dominated the F4 in a solid way last year. He won the championship, won the Go Carting, and is leading the championship in the FRECA.

“We’ll see how the FRECA goes and then decide what to do with his father and Kimmy. What are we doing next year? And which direction should I go?

“But I’m glad to have an Italian in the starting block for a great career.”

Antonelli, who joined the Mercedes junior program in 2018, won both the 2022 ADAC and Italian F4 Championships while carting, winning 13 races in the latter.

This year, he has already won the Formula Regional Middle East Championship, and is six points ahead in the FRECA standings.

Andrea Kimmy Antonelli, Prema Racing

Given his huge success in F4, some wondered why Antonelli was not promoted directly to F3, as was the case with fellow ADAC and Italian F4 champion, Prema Peer Olly Bearman, instead of moving to FRECA.

But Rene Rossin, president of Prema, told Autosport earlier this year: “It could be an opportunity, just like Olly Bear did, but Kimmy is still 16.

“He won’t be ready for Formula 1 in two years. So it’s better to have the opportunity to do the right thing, do the right ladder, and test. Because once you get to Formula 3 and Formula 2, you can no longer test it.

“Use FRCA to earn significant mileage, learn two regular events, two races per event, and prepare for the future.

“You get to Formula 3, you do well, you go to Formula 2, you don’t have the age to go to Formula 1, you don’t have the experience to go to Formula 1.


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