Mayor Campaigns To Build New Ontario Casino

Pickering’s Mayor Dave Ryan is involved in plans to build a new Ontario casino in the city, which the city’s top official said is well aware of the opposition’s position on the issue and the money laundering sparks, but that building a full-fledged casino venue is aimed at reviving the local economy, reducing unemployment and boosting tourism. Mayor Ryan emphasized the casino plan, which is all about attracting tourists to the city.

Pickering’s Mayor Dave Ryan has expressed his full support for the construction of a casino run by Great Canadian Gaming. The casino operator recently won acquisition deals to operate three casinos in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for at least 22 years, including Woodbine, Ajax Downs and Great Blue Heron. Following the news, Ajax and Pickering were the two main sponsors hosting slot operations currently located in Ajax. It can only be mentioned here in Ajax and Ontario graphic areas.

The competition between the two cities was fierce because Pickering wanted to benefit from the economic benefits of gambling houses. The leaders of the two cities emphasized that the majority of citizens support the establishment of gambling houses in their cities. Earlier this year, the Ontario City Council approved a plan to build a Durham Live casino in Pickering.

Opposition Waves Boosted by Money Laundering Scandal
However, the government launched an investigation into concerns that a gambling house run by Great Canada Gaming may have been used for money laundering activities after the new British Columbia government uncovered a suspicious deal at the River Rock casino resort .

This has severely damaged the reputation of the operator. Last week, Great Canada Gaming issued a statement denying it was subject to criminal or federal investigation, and OLG approved the operator’s words, explaining that Great Canada Gaming has the potential to successfully carry out its mission to expand its Ontario casino more innovatively.

But the establishment of Durham Live Casino in Pickering has sparked outrage among some officials and residents. A casino report yesterday said the Progressive Conservative Party is urging the government to halt casino deals with Great Canada Gaming while the money laundering investigation is underway. Some of Pickering’s residents have expressed concern about the presence of gambling houses in their cities.


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