U.S. Casino Operators Compete to Enter Japanese Casino Market

Japan regulated the casino market last year. Since then, it has been recognized as the largest and most profitable market in the world. There are a variety of companies that are already interested in investing billions of dollars in casino resorts, although they are currently enacting laws that regulate the industry. Although the rules have yet to be set, many global gambling operators have already entered the war of bidding for Japanese casinos, and have spared no effort to win them.

Although there are no exact rules yet, many international casino operators are ready to bet on Japanese casino ventures. As a casino report said earlier, Las Vegas Sands tried to win the hearts of Japanese officials by inviting the most popular English soccer player David Beckham to a press conference representing the company. The operator went further by pointing out the importance of having the best concert hall to Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh.

Casino officials at Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts announced they are ready to invest $10 billion to expand the company’s business in the Asian market. Last Wednesday, Las Vegas Sands President and Chief Operating Officer Robert G. Goldstein said the company had expressed interest in the Japanese casino industry years ago, when regulations were only initial negotiations. Stanley’s Mogul Lawrence Ho announced that it will invest in whatever goes into the casino market.

Jushi Market in Japan
Japan’s legislators passed the so-called Integrated Promotion Resort Act in December 2016, allowing it to regulate the casino market to provide commercial gambling across the country, but lawmakers are now working on a set of rules, also called enforcement bills.

Many experts have warned officials that it could undermine the development of the casino industry and make the Japanese casino market less attractive than expected, and explained that Japan’s approach to these problems will determine the profitability of its market. If officials do not tarnish the Japanese casino market with excessive regulations and restrictions, we can conclude that the Japanese casino market is a golden opportunity.


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