Gillas and the 2027 World Cup Dream

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” a quote supposedly from Olbert Einstein, but there is no proof that he has ever said it. We want to say what we want to say because Einstein is recognized as the smartest person who has ever lived. Nevertheless, we don’t need Einstein to tell us that Gillas’ time at the World Cup was a failure

Four years later, Gillas’s dream run off the coast of his hometown ended at least with a high note. It’s similar to a bad singer who sings out of competition and suddenly hits a bill when it doesn’t matter anymore.

There will still be a lot of criticism after manager Chot Reyes takes full responsibility and responsibility for it. He then apologized to his boss (in a low way to increase accountability to order accountability in business terms) before appearing to apologize to the scheduled country.

Coach Chott’s apology was ambiguous and generalized, but his remarks were acrimonious and specific. No one was happy with the result, and Reyes is showing his disgust. In a similar way that naughty children pretend to be angry with themselves so that their parents don’t scold them. It’s a typical Pinoy style.

Next World Cup

The next World Cup is a dream for now. We are no longer pre-qualified, and the irritatingly scheduled FIBA window is no longer a “no-burden” game for “learning experiences.” So we have to learn and change.

In the last column, we talked about what an organization called SBP could do differently. This is still interested in them because they are national governing bodies, but the responsibility is with the players. This is about the availability and commitment of players.

We will never get tired of our dream, Gillas, standing in line. Why? It’s already a national pastime. But for long-term planning, the availability and talent of the players will be more important. This assumes that our basketball stakeholders actually watched the game, not just with stock market forecasts.

Program-driven vs. personal data-driven

One way to use more Gilas players is to nominate a program director with multiple coaches. We have to admit that players in the Philippines have higher qualifications and will refuse to play for a coach they don’t like very much. Especially because it’s voluntary training, it’s “Parasa Bayan.”

With a wide range of programs and universally respected supervision, nests can be thrown wide. We need to have bigger pools, especially for qualifying windows. Having multiple coaches will not limit players’ loyalty to their previous coaches.

However, putting your name on the pool is one thing. Training grounds should be met regularly, at reasonable intervals, even when there is no upcoming game. It’s just to maintain the foundation and build chemistry. As mentioned, this is something that corporate leaders don’t understand.


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