“Chemicals are good, but mathematics is difficult.”

“I can do both football and study.”

Ramin Yamal is a super promising player of FC Barcelona. Yamal is a winger of Spanish nationality. He is one of the most promising players in the world who broke the record of being the youngest player to play in La Liga and the UEFA Champions League for the Spanish team. He is considered to be the greatest talent La Masia has produced since Lionel Messi.

Yamal joined the Barcelona Youth Team in 2012 at the tender age of five in recognition of his talent. With incredible growth, Yamal also played semi-mainly in the Juvenile A, where the under-19s are played at the age of 15 during the very early stage of the month. He also consistently trained with first-team players.

Ahead of the match against Atletico Madrid in the 30th round of La Liga in April last season, Yamal was included in the list at the age of 15. “We decided to call him up after seeing him train,” coach Xavi Hernandez said. This made Yamal the youngest player to call up for the first team in Barcelona’s history.

Finally, he made his debut in the first team. In the 32nd round against Real Betis, he replaced Gabi as the youngest player in Barcelona’s history to make his debut in the league. Barcelona clinched the La Liga title with a victory over Espanyol in the 34th round, while Yamal became the youngest ever to win a major league trophy.

This season, Yamal became the starting goalie for Barcelona. He scored his debut goal for Barcelona at the age of 16 years and 87 days at the match against Granada in the ninth round, and became the youngest player to score a goal in La Liga. The UEFA Champions League started in the first away match against Napoli in the round of 16, and became the youngest player to play in the tournament at 16 years and 223 days.

Yamal is building an excellent stat. He has six goals and four assists in 37 matches this season. He is currently leading the team’s offense. He is compared with Barcelona legend Messi. In his second season with Barcelona, Messi scored six goals in the league, eight goals and three assists in 25 matches, and Yamal is following in his footsteps.

Recently, Yamal received rave reviews from Messi. Messi said, “People have only known Yamal for a few months, but I have known him for six years since his hat-trick against Real Madrid during the La Masia era. From his play and scoring, I am sure Yamal will become a top player. He is a very good player.”

It was also named the world’s top prospect in 2024 by Gol. Gol. Dotcom said, “There is no doubt that Barcelona has found a player who can define a generation not only in Spanish soccer but also in the world. He is reminiscent of Messi. There is a genuine belief that Yamal is a superstar who can build a new era for Barcelona’s success.”

Despite his best performance, Yamal is still only 16 years old. In Korea, he is still in his first year of high school. Yamal is studying in Spain. Nevertheless, Yamal plans to continue his studies and soccer until the end.

In a recent interview, Yamal said, “Soccer and study at the same time? I can do both. I have time to do both. I plan on mixing well. Chemistry and physics are good, but math is so difficult and I can’t do well.” Messi is even greater because he was not good at both studying and soccer.

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