With the NC Dinos advancing to the postseason (PS) and playing fall baseball, the commercial area around Changwon NC Park in Masanmyeon-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongnam, where their home stadium is located, has been buzzing with excitement .Thanks to spectators who came to watch fall baseball, sales in the commercial area near the stadium soared .On the second day of the third game of the 2023 Baseball Playoffs (PO), merchants near Changwon NC Park are busy welcoming customers. “It’s great that the NC has entered the fall baseball season and the crowd specials continue,” said Park Mo, a 30-year-old who runs a cafe about 50 meters away from Changwon NC Park. “I’ve been busy preparing for business since this morning.” In 2020, when the NC Dinos went straight to the Korean Series, the entire series was held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul due to COVID-19.

In the 2021-2022 season, the Dinos missed the postseason .This year, NC is playing fall baseball for the first time in three years, and the experience is different for merchants.” On the 25th of last month (when the semi-playoff game against the SSG Landers was held), the hotel was fully booked,” said Mr. Park, who works at an accommodation business near the stadium. Even during the regular season, many people came to NC home games .”Even in the regular season, when we have a home game, we get about three times as many customers as usual,” said Park .Ms. Choi, who runs a restaurant, also said, “The difference between the number of customers on game days and non-game days is obvious.” “I’m glad that NC is good at baseball, so sales are up even in the fall,” she said. According to the NC Dinos, 557,610 fans attended Changwon NC Park during the 2023 baseball regular season.

That’s 7,854 fans per game. About three times the total population of Masan Member District, where the stadium is located, of 180,000, visited the park from April to last month .An official from Masan Member District said, “I know that the sales of small businesses 온라인카지노 near the stadium are jumping,” adding, “I hope the NC Dinos will continue to do well in the future.”

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