KBL has this regulation.

An injury or illness that is not related to a player’s activities
① A player shall immediately notify the club of any injury or disease attributable to him/her, regardless of his/her activities. The player and the club shall sincerely discuss whether treatment is necessary, which medical institution will provide treatment, and what kind of treatment (surgery, non-surgical, drug, etc.) will be performed.
To clarify, injuries that are not related to player activities are injuries that occurred during vacation, injuries that occurred during personal schedules, and diseases that are not related to player activities are congenital diseases, genetic diseases, and complications from injuries that are not related to player activities. In principle, the cost of treatment is fully borne by the player, but the club may compensate for some of the costs according to consultation.

② Where a player is unable to play or train for at least 30 days due to the treatment under paragraph (1), the club may deduct the amount of annual salary multiplied by 1/365 of the number of days from the 31st day to the day when training is possible in the opinion of the treatment doctor.

③ Notwithstanding the treatment referred to in paragraph (1), the club may terminate this contract if there is a medical doctor’s opinion that it is difficult for the player to continue the game or training during the contract period. If this contract is terminated pursuant to this paragraph, the player is free to enter into a player contract with another club.
If a player is injured while on vacation, he or she has to pay the full cost of treatment, and if he or she cannot participate in training for more than a month, he or she may not receive some annual salary until he or she returns from recovery, and further retire.

There is also a content like this.

Among “the club may immediately terminate this contract if the player falls under any of the following” cases, “if other players seriously violate this contract and it is impossible to maintain this contract.”

This item and item ② of “Injuries, Diseases Not Related to Player Activities” are combined, so if you do not miss training or play for personal reasons, the club will not have to pay the player an annual salary from the 31st day.안전 토토사이트

Free agents sign new contracts in May. In June, the rest of the players negotiate their salaries.

However, there is no guarantee of an annual salary during the contract period. It is guaranteed only when you keep the basics of maintaining a physical condition that allows you to fulfill your obligations as a player.

Players must be aware that their actions clearly come with responsibility.

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