Kim Jae-hyun, SSG Director, “Pursuing stable generational change “I learned a lot from LG.”

Former captain who laid the foundation for the SK dynasty “Turn SSG, with its winning DNA, into a prestigious club”

Kim Jae-hyun, new general manager of SSG Landers

Kim Jae-hyun (48), who laid the “cornerstone of a dynasty” as the captain of SK Wyverns (currently SSG Landers), returned to Incheon as the “general manager.” .

In a phone call with Yonhap News on the 15th, new SSG general manager Kim Jae-hyeon said, “I have new feelings about returning to Incheon after 13 years (after retiring from SK in 2010). “It is an honor to be appointed as general manager,” he said. “I will join forces with the front office, coaching staff, and players to ensure that SSG can stably complete the generational change and establish itself as a prestigious club.”

On this day, SSG said, “We appointed former LG Twins power enhancement coordinator Kim Jae-hyun as the new general manager.” New general manager Kim Jae-hyun, who worked in the field as a coach and also gained front office experience as a power reinforcement coordinator, said in an interview that the club is preparing for the Cheongna Dome era. He explained the background to his appointment, saying, “He presented an impressive vision for the direction we should take.”

SSG, which achieved the wire-to-wire championship in 2022 by maintaining the lead from the opening day of the regular season to the end of the regular season for the first time in Korean professional baseball, and also won the Korean Series to complete the overall championship, finished the regular season in third place this year and pressed the generation change button.

Former manager Kim Won-hyung, who had two years remaining on his contract, was fired and many of the existing coaching staff said goodbye. In the second draft, franchise star Kim Kang-min was sent to the Hanwha Eagles because he was not included in the 35-man protected player list.

Kim Jae-hyeon, SSG’s new general manager

The radical move had side effects, and SSG received strong criticism.

On the 25th of last month, SSG announced, “To take responsibility for the controversy that arose during the recent selection of managers and coaches and the second draft, we will change the position of General Manager Kim Seong-yong to R&D Center Director.” Former general manager Kim Seong-yong soon expressed his gratitude and left the team.

SSG, which suffered serious internal strife and received strong criticism from the outside, declared that “new leaders will be selected from outside,” and conducted interviews with a large group of candidates.

The person who received the highest evaluation was new general manager Kim Jae-hyun.

The SSG club believes that general manager Kim Jae-hyun, who is a former star player, has experience in the field as a coach, and has also worked in the front office, can serve as a bridge between the club and the players and complete the generational change in a stable manner.

Director Kim said in an interview, “If you look at the current SSG team composition and situation, it is right to pursue generational replacement, but a stable generational replacement that is not artificial is more appropriate.” “It cannot be made public, but we also presented a new vision needed for SSG,” he said, adding, “We will listen to the voices of SSG members and fans to find and implement ways for the team to reign as a strong team for a long time.” 카지노사이트

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