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The Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang PBA-LPBA Championship, the 8th tour of the professional billiards PBA season held during the Lunar New Year holiday, will be held at the KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do from the 4th to the 12th.This competition is an individual tour that resumes about a month after the High1 Resort Championship in December last year .In this competition last season, Kang Min-gu (Blue One Resort) and Lim Jeong-sook (Crown Haitai) took the top spot .This competition will be held as a combined competition for men and women. The first day of the competition will begin with the LPBA PPQ (1st preliminary round) at 11 a.m. on the 4th, and the full-scale competition will begin with the first day of the PBA round of 128 immediately after the opening ceremony at 11:30 a.m. on the 6th.Following the women’s LPBA finals at 1:30 p.m. on the 11th, the tournament concludes with the men’s PBA finals at 9:30 p.m. on the 12th. The LPBA winner’s prize money is 30 million won, and the PBA winner’s prize money is 100 million won.

From this competition, the competition for survival begins in earnest .In the PBA, the top 50% (60th) of the point rankings remain at the end of each season, and players ranked 61st or lower are relegated to Q-School, which is a selection event for first-division tour players .Additionally, the top 32 players in the prize money rankings will receive the right to participate in the SK Rent-a-Car PBA World Championship, a competition of kings, held in March .In the women’s division, Lim Jeong-sook attempts to win her fifth career title.Lim Jeong-sook achieved four of her five wins in the Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang Championship .Attention is also drawn to whether Kim Ga-young (Hana Card) and Srong Piavi (Cambodia, Blue One Resort), who both have the most wins (6 wins) in their LPBA careers, will challenge for 7 wins .In addition, billiards star Cha Yu-ram’s return match after two years is also one of the elements to watch. To celebrate this tournament being held during the Lunar New Year holiday, the PBA is holding a free admission event for all 온라인카지노 games for visitors wearing hanbok.

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