Thanks to the ratification of federal legislation, the coastal state is one of five disparate Russian regions

Including Kaliningrad in the Baltic Sea, Altai Province in Central Asia, Krasnaya Polyyana near Sochi, and parts of Crimea where casino gambling is allowed. Although up to eight developments were initially planned, it cost the company about $14 million from the Tigre de Gristal operator in the interim.

According to a report by Asia Gaming Brief, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev of the Far East Federal District recently said the state-run Maritime Development Corporation hopes to speed up by drafting a revision to the country’s gambling law. He reportedly said they could be enacted by the end of this year and streamline the management of future Primorsky casinos. 슬롯사이트

“The project is global, but development is slow,” Trutnev told state-run Tass News Service. “The Primorsky Regional Development Corporation is currently tasked with attracting new large international participants to the project.”

The Tiger De Cristal venue features a casino with 769 slots and 67 game tables and is expected to be joined by nearby Seaside Entertainment Resorts City next year, which Cambodian company Naga Corp Limited is developing for about $350 million. Local operator Diamond Fortune Holdings is also hoping to start a deal with Kazan now after Royal Time Group’s plan to build a Kazan resort, which is integrated with a $215 million government casino, fell through.

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