The Korea Football Association is looking for the next chairman of the national team’s power reinforcement committee.

Only when the next chairman is appointed first can the next national team coach be selected. “We will start the process of appointing the next coach to qualify for the World Cup,” said Chung Mong-gyu, president of the association. “We will form a new power reinforcement committee and also appoint a chairman.”

Who will be the right person for the next chairperson? Before that, the association has to make a decision. △ Strengthening the authority of the power reinforcement committee △ Extending the period of appointment of a coach △ suggesting a cap on the cost of recruiting a coach.

First of all, the authority of the committee should be strengthened. According to the association’s articles of association, the committee is a place to advise, advise and suggest. There is no right to decide. That’s how former coach Klinsmann was appointed. The committee should have the right to decide and the association should change the committee’s decision.

The timing of appointment of a coach should also be set at a leisurely pace. The Korean team is taking part in the second qualifying round for the Asia region for the North-Central American World Cup in 2026. The Korean team already leads its group by garnering two consecutive wins by beating Singapore and China. The next games will be the away game against Thailand on March 21 and 26, followed by an away game against Singapore on June 6, and a home game against China on June 11. It is not that difficult to advance to the final qualifying round as it ranks second among the four teams in the group. There is no reason to appoint a coach ahead of the second consecutive games against Thailand. It is practically unreasonable to appoint a head coach and a coach in just over a month. It is more realistic to have more than three months to discuss the matter before selecting a coach in time for the match against Singapore in June.

The last is the cost of recruiting the coach. There are not many places for the association to spend a lot of money, such as the penalty for replacing Klinsmann and relocating the training center to Cheonan. The appointment process can proceed quickly and clearly only when the association clearly sets the upper limit on the cost of appointing a coach.

The association’s articles of association have subcommittees, and there are a total of nine subcommittees. The Power Enhancement Committee, like other committees, is consulted and recommended. If the articles of association cannot be amended immediately, Chairman Chung Mong-gyu should strengthen the autonomy and authority of the Power Enhancement Committee, at least for the appointment of the director. Only then can we recruit experts who will work with conviction without paying attention to the association.

“If you try to hold the reinforcement committee accountable without giving it authority, who will be the chairman and the committee?” a football official said. “It should be in a way that the committee recommends multiple people and the association actively consults with the committee and the association to select the final appointment together.” Another footballer emphasized, “The appointment of the coach should be carried out in close cooperation between the soccer player and the administrator, the committee member and the association staff.”


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