What time does Hoyomi fear?

The time that IBK Industrial Bank of Korea director Kim Ho-chul fears the most?

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea players are performing a ceremony to strongly hit coach Kim Ho-chul’s hand when they enter the stadium and give a high-five with the coaching staff.안전 토토사이트

The same was true of the match against Hyundai Engineering & Construction held at Suwon Gymnasium on the 22nd.

While greeting the players with a smile, he did not hide his fear when the players’ hands flew in.

The players enjoyed the distorted expression of coach Kim Ho-chul and felt like they were hitting harder.

Coach Kim Ho-chul holding his tingling hand after the ceremony naturally smiled on the faces of the waiting people who were watching him.

Coach Kim Ho-chul, who was comparing high-fives to the players, was nowhere to be seen when he smiled while showing his red palms to the players.

It was director Kim Ho-chul of “Daddy Leadership,” who is now more familiar with “Ho-yomi” (Ho-cheol + Cutie).

However, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea failed to smile in the match.

In the game, they also lost 2-3 with a set score, but Choi Jung-min’s injury in the fourth set added to the regret.

Choi Jung-min fell after being stepped on by Hyundai E&C’s Jeong Ji-yoon’s foot as he was landing in the process of blocking. After checking his condition, Choi Jung-min tried to run to the end but was replaced. He shed tears while receiving treatment in the warm-up zone.

Meanwhile, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea is ranking fifth with 46 points (15 wins and 17 losses) with four more games to go this season. The gap between Korea and Japan is 12 points. Volleyball in spring has become more difficult.

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