Lee Jeong-hoo crossing the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco Welcomes Animation

The general manager visits Korea and prepares uniform number 51. MLB debut amid warm welcome

Lee Jeong-hoo welcome video from San Francisco

Lee Jeong-hoo, wearing the purple Kiwoom Heroes uniform, makes a batted ball that falls to the left side of Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul against the Samsung Lions pitcher.

Afterwards, Lee Jeong-hoo leaves Gocheok Dome behind and walks on the sea.

The ‘welcome animation‘ introduced by the San Francisco Giants of the Major League Baseball (MLB) when officially announcing the recruitment of Jeong-hoo Lee on the 15th (Korean time) begins like this.

The screen moves to an actual game video of Lee Jeong-hoo, who played in the KBO league and national team.

Lee Jeong-hoo plays offense, defense, and base running brilliantly.

The commentator in charge of the narration introduces him as “the best outfielder who is not only good at offense and defense, but also has quick feet.”

The video changes back to animation.

Lee Jung-hoo, wearing a white San Francisco uniform with the number ’51’, crosses the Golden Gate Bridge, the symbol of San Francisco, and enters the home stadium, Oracle Park.

Lee Jeong-hoo welcome video from San Francisco

The San Francisco team prepared and introduced an animation video to welcome Lee Jeong-hoo’s arrival.

This shows how much effort and affection San Francisco put into recruiting Lee Jeong-hoo.

The club also welcomed Lee Jeong-hoo with various posts.

Through social media, he wrote in Korean, “Lee Jeong-hoo, welcome to the San Francisco Giants,” and added, “Let’s meet the grandson of the wind,” along with various KBO League appearances by Lee Jeong-hoo. Records and history were also introduced.

San Francisco has been making sincere courtships for a long time.

Last October, San Francisco General Manager Pete Purteller visited Korea and watched Lee Jung-hoo’s play.

Among the 30 MLB teams, the San Francisco team was the only one whose general manager visited Korea.

When San Francisco signed Lee Jeong-hoo, he even prepared the number 51 he wore in the KBO League.

Lee Jeong-hoo received a warm welcome from San Francisco and succeeded in entering the MLB. He is scheduled to reveal his thoughts at the official joining press conference held at Oracle Park on the 16th. 스포츠토토맨

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