The new general manager of professional baseball SSG ‘former SK captain’ Appointed Jaehyeon Kim

New general manager Kim Jae-hyeon said, “I returned to Incheon after 13 years.”

Kim Jae-hyeon, SSG’s new general manager

Professional baseball SSG Landers appointed Kim Jae-hyeon (48), former LG Twins power enhancement coordinator, as the new general manager.

SSG announced on the 15th, “We have selected Kim Jae-hyun, former LG power enhancement coordinator, who retired after playing for the club’s predecessor, SK Wyverns, as the general manager.”

He continued, “We searched for general manager candidates in various positions based on leadership that fits the club’s direction, competency as general manager, ability to communicate internally and externally, including with the players, and understanding of SSG team culture, etc. as key criteria for selection,” and “We are reviewing the right candidates.” “During the process, we judged that the new general manager Kim Jae-hyun was the best person and recruited him,” he said, explaining the background to his appointment.

SSG said, “New general manager Kim Jae-hyun has experience in the field (as a coach) and has a high understanding of front office work,” and “He has extensive knowledge of baseball, so he will be able to fully demonstrate his capabilities as general manager.” An explanation was added:

New director Kim Jae-hyeon said, “I am honored to be appointed as the director of SSG. On the other hand, I feel a heavy sense of responsibility as I have been entrusted with an important task at an important time when the club is pursuing remodeling,” he said. He expressed his feelings.

He said, “SSG is a team with many good memories. He said, “It feels good to return to Incheon after 13 years,” and promised, “I will do my best to help SSG become a team that can continue to be loved by fans.”

Kim Jae-hyun, general manager of the SK Wyverns

General manager Kim Jae-hyun began his professional career by joining LG in 1994.

He established himself as a star player by playing a leading role in LG’s championship in his first year, and after the end of the 2004 season, he qualified as a free agent and transferred to SK.

General manager Kim Jae-hyeon, who won the Golden Glove as a designated hitter in 2005, led the team as captain in 2006, and was selected as the Korean Series Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the 2007 season. 카지노사이트랭크

As a clubhouse leader during his active years, he laid the ‘cornerstone of the SK dynasty.’

General manager Kim Jae-hyeon, who retired at the end of the 2010 season, coached for the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Yomiuri Giants in Japan, then returned to Korea and worked as a hitting coach for the Hanwha Eagles of the KBO League and the Korean national team.

Since then, he has gained diverse experience as a baseball commentator, KBO technical committee member, and LG power enhancement coordinator.

SSG said, “General Manager Kim Jae-hyun experienced the process of building a dynasty through remodeling during the SK era as captain,” and “during the interview process, he calmly diagnosed the team’s situation and the future the club should pursue in preparation for the Cheongna Dome era.” “He presented an impressive vision for the direction.”

On the 25th of last month, SSG announced, “To take responsibility for the controversy that arose during the recent selection of managers and coaches and the second draft, we will change the position of General Manager Kim Seong-yong to R&D Center Director.”

Former general manager Kim Seong-yong soon expressed his gratitude and left the team.

After an interview, SSG said, ‘claims from SK days’ Kim Jae-hyun was appointed as general manager. 섯다

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